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Book review: Huang, Shu-min (Essay Sample)


This paper is a book review of \" The Spiral Road: Change in a Chinese Village Through the Eyes of a Communist Party Leader\"The paper loo at the author work,and analysis it.


Book review: Huang, Shu-min. (1998). The Spiral Road: Change in a Chinese Village Through the Eyes of a Communist Party Leader, Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press.
Huang shu-min is the author of the book "The Spiral Road: Change in a Chinese Village through the Eyes of a Communist Party Leader" She was born in china in Shandong province. She studied English and literature as second language at Beijing Foreign Study University. In 1985 she went to Finland to study Finnish. She also attained an Msc. In economics from University of Helsinki and later worked for the Bank of Finland before travelling to the UK in the years 1992. In the United Kingdom she first worked with Currency Derivatives Ltd before starting her own company in the year 1993, ChinTek Consultants, which was a consultancy firm that advised investors both from China and European market in investing decisions. Her mother language is Mandarin Chinese and also she is fluent in Finnish and English.
The author of the book, Huang, uses three author sequences where the first author is party secretary Ye Wende also the main figure of the book. This author gives the basic plot and content of the story. Wende is a ‘visible’ author as can be seen throughout the story. There are two more ‘hidden’ authors in addition to Wende that determine the story secretary Ye is going to tell and how he should tell it (Huang,1998). The second and hidden author is professor Huang who understands the need of the American readers. The third author who is also a hidden author is the Chinese communist party (CCCP) Central Committee’s propaganda department that ensures that the secretary narrative conforms to the party line.
Huang in this book unravels the turbulent events that affected individuals and families in the Lin village which is located southeast China. These events include; the fall of landlords after the land reforms, the rise of poor peasants’ political power, the Great proletarian and Great Leap Forward, rational and pragmatic policies in China. The 2nd edition of the book comes with two additional chapters which are from ...
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