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Plato's myth of the cave (Essay Sample)


in this essay i discussed the limits of human conditions illustrated in Plato`s Myth of the Cave. i explained what the chains stand for in the Myth of the Cave, the individual who put prisoners in chains, Why Plato said that “the prisoners are like ourselves” and “the prison is the world we see with our eyes”. i Offered some examples of biases that originated from our biological, social and /or culture conditions. to complete the paper, i used the Last Emperor film to support your points. Basically, the sample is about the description of Plato\'s \"myth of the cave\"

Plato’s Myth of the Cave
Also referred to as the "Allegory of the Cave”, Plato’s "Myth of the Cave" is a representation of a unique metaphor that indicates the different ways people perceive the world they are living in. the metaphor illustrates how people think and what they believe is reality. The thesis of the myth is that we do not see the reality, but a reflection of the real forms. However, we tend to believe in what we see because we are not exposed to the reality. The myth has two basic elements that the audience needs to consider revisiting to understand. The first element is the metaphor of prisoners, and the second element is the philosophical representation of "ourselves" in the story through allegory.
Plato talks about chains in the myth that have held the prisoners immovable within the grave. The chains have fixed them in one place that they can only see shadows of the real objects that pass in front of the fire behind them. However, the prisoners cannot turn back and see the real objects behind them (Watt 5). They are therefore forced to believe that they are seeing the reality. The chains in the myth represent the obstacles that prevent people from seeing the reality. The chains are handcuffs that render people immovable and hence they cannot face the real world beyond their horizons. The chains in this myth represent the government during Plato’s time. The government did not give people the chance to reflect on their own knowledge and awareness. The government did not allow people to make their own decisions and judgments for self-governance. The people being governed were just required to adhere to the rules and manipulations by the government without asking any question. It is evident that the government was keen to prevent the masses from accessing knowledge of the reality that would make them conscious and attain self-governance.
In the myth, Plato says that "the prisoners are like ourselves" and "the prison is the world we see with our eyes." The prisoners are like...
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