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Running Head: BOOK SUMMARY
Book Summary
Book Summary
The New Guidebook for Pastors by Bryant, James W., and Mac Brunson
This is a useful book explaining the major facets applied in pastoral ministry. The chapters of the book can be read separately and interpreted differently. The idea is to equip and educate both new and seasoned pastors so that they can achieve their pastoral goals. It also sticks to the requirements of a local church without targeting a particular Christian group.
From the beginning, the authors state that pastorate is basically a call and therefore should never be treated as a profession. Examples of how prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah were called by God are also given (Bryant & Mac, 2007). It would be a major requirement for those called to practice their duty by preparing for the journey both spiritually and educationally.
A pastor is always expected to pray and overcome all forms of temptations and be able to guide his flock well. He has to be a man who prays frequently both in public and at home. All the chapters offer valid explanations and issues to be observed by all pastors. The issues of family life and being a pastor have been discussed in chapter five. It shows how the family should be handled while handling God’s work. This is necessary because families can lead to failure or success of an individual as a pastor (Bryant & Mac, 2007). Other issues discussed include leadership in Church. The issue of congressional ministry has also been widely discussed in the book. For instance, the authors examine how issues such as evangelism, use of technology, baptism, wedding, funerals and counseling should be handled by pastors.
The other chapters of the book give the significance of ethical and moral issues especially when handling finances, development matters, and anything else political. It also guides pastors on how to manage relationships with other people and how they should plan for their retirement. The book closes by reminding pastors how they should account for all their work to God. According to the book, God will judge people by their hearts. It is therefore necessary for pastors to fight well and retain their faith in Him (Bryant & Mac, 2007). Readers will therefore find this book practical because of the testimonies given in the beginning of the chapters.
Preventing Ministry Failure by Michael Wilson and Brad Hoffmann
This is a useful book because it explains why ministry failure should be prevented. The first chapter reminds the reader that ministry is God’s work and should be given the necessary attention and commitment. It is through the ministry a minister will be able to reconnect with the reality of things. There are seven foundation stones to be followed to prevent any ministry from failing (Wilson & Hoffmann, 2007). The first one is intimacy whereby one should share his ideas and ensure he practices successful pastoral work. The book addresses why many people tend to sabotage this requirement whenever in ministry work. Intimacy friendships are greatly encouraged in this book.
The second requirement or foundation stone is to understand the ‘calling’ and make sure one has not been ‘falsely’ called or called himself. It also explains why this is very critical and how working without such a ‘call’ can be very damaging and a possible cause of ministry failure. One’s calling can lead to ministry success. The other foundation is managing stress and avoiding any burnouts or ineffectiveness. The authors provide ministers with tools for set-diagnosis. It also provides helpful ideas and practical applications to prevent any form of emotional, relational, physical or spiritual stress (Wilson & Hoffmann, 2007).
The other requirement is making sure the most important issues or matters have been wisely protected by maintaining appropriate boundaries. The book helps pastors make the right boundaries between their work and friends, and also with God. As well, re-creation is another foundation for pastors to have the right energy to execute their ministerial duties more efficiently and effectively. There are also practical applications towards recreation such as recess, renewal and rest. The other foundation is having the right skills for ministry work. Pastoral work requires appropriate skills and positive personality traits. Such skills are important and help develop the right approach for ministering. Some assertive skills have also been given in the book. Finally, leadership skills are also needed in ministry (Wilson & Hoffmann, 2007). It is necessary to understand the leadership style needed for ministerial work. For instance, the book discusses how a pastor can be transformative and come up with own plan for growth. This book is therefore useful towards successful ministerial work.
The Attentive Life: Discerning God’s Presence in All Things by Leighton Ford
In this book, Leighton Ford discusses how human beings can live attentively and discern the presence of God in everything around them. Having served for very many years with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Ford has been able to present appropriate examples towards living positively in God. The mission of his book is in becoming ‘an artist of the soul.’ The book makes it possible for young people to invite God and Jesus in their lives so that He can lead them to the right path. According to the book, Jesus has hunger for all people and He is ready to heal and rescue them from all the pangs of the evil one (Ford, 2007). This book can therefore be a good companion for young believers and be able to acknowledge the presence of God in their lives.
Also the book encourages believers to pray and respond accordingly to their daily routines. They should acknowledge and discern the presence of their creator all the time: during the day, in the morning, and even at night. Due to the challenges and experiences of man, it would be wise to pray so that God can guide us and give us the power we need to overcome all evils. Ford argues that every person is called by Christ to repent and live a life that has been patterned by him. Life should be drawn by enduring love. This can be achieved by ensuring that our outer and inner selves have been connected together with reflections of Christ (Ford, 2007). Our lives should not be shaped by our captive thoughts and expectations, or any form of inner compulsions, but instead be drawn by the love and peace in Christ. By doing so we will be able to prevent any form of inattentiveness and prevent fear of being the people we have been created to be.
Os Guinness. The Call. (Nashville: Word Publishing, 1998).
This book centers on the meaning of a ‘call’ by God and how it should be understood. The author dismisses the notion that a call is an occupation or obligation. He terms calling as an understanding and experience from God whereby someone is given the duty by Him. It deals much with what we have ‘to be’ than what we ought ‘to do.’ The book therefore gives the reader an understanding and clear knowledge of what a ‘call’ entails and how those called can practically live in accordance with the call (Guinness, 1998).
Using Biblical explanations, the author explores certain answers to make us understand the people we are and why God has called us. This book speaks to every person who has been called. According to the author, we were all created with a given purpose and therefore our duty is to understand this purpose and fulfill God’s requirement from us. The explanation given fits both the thinking of a non-believer and a believer as well (Guinness, 1998). The author gives life experiences and examples to explain his points and make the reader understand what his main argument. Guinness defines the meaning of Christianity, and also explains how a Christian is expected to live according to God’s calling.
It is therefore necessary for people to be ready to follow in the ways of Christ and stick to their calling and gifting. Some examples have been given explaining how not living according to one’s purpose and calling can be very damaging. Followers of Jesus should understand what is required of them and by so doing achieve God’s purpose for their lives (Guinness, 1998). He also identifies how we can understand God’s calling and how we are supposed to respond. It is only through such understanding that we shall have ministers and leaders who are accountable.
The 21st Century Pastor by David Fisher
The book ‘The 21st Century Pastor’ by David Fisher gives a balanced and fresh perspective between divine and human elements of ministry. Fisher’s discussions are full of descriptive practice and experience driven through a Biblical foundation. For instance, the book gives Christological framework based on the words and life of Apostle Paul. The book offers both challenge and encouragement for pastoral ministry by addressing all issues that have never been dealt with (David, 2008). The issues discussed here are important towards preparation for pastoral work as a student of theology.
Fisher begins by discussing the declining position of modern Church in the society today. He explains the need for pastors and ministers to stand up and win the current generation. For example, Fisher emphasizes the advantage of adopting an organizational-driven ministry. In the book, the author proves to the reader how the modern seminary education fails to equip a person and prepare him/her fully for pastoral ministry (David, 2008). Having been in the pastoral practice for over forty years, Fisher David presents his personal experience from his time of study all through his mission as a minister over the forty years. He argues that the p...
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