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Should a person who has been paid to do any form of public service be seen as a volunteer? This is a major question of interest which has been discussed by different members of the society. Such kind of question has been seen different individuals coming up different viewpoint on the issue and thus been coming up with their own forms of argumentation, thus bringing a new form of argument on the same. This paper will look into details about this question and thus giving some of the counter-argumentations which appear to delve much into the question as different individuals have been holding their own definitions of a public service volunteer.
Introduction: A Person Paid to do Public Service is not a Volunteer
Within a community, public service is necessary in promoting the living situations and making life much comfortable for all. In any given society, we have community organizers and workers whose roles are very elemental for the society, and which should be of great significance. This means that they should be willing to work favorably for the community and be able to achieve the goals which have been placed on their back. In that case, such public workers should be ready to help all members of the society and especially the old aged individuals and the disabled. This is very necessary since it does help in the realization of wellbeing within the community and at the very time be able to improve the realization of goals, thus being able to promote economic development and sustainability within the same society. This being the case, we might have a number of workers who might be paid for their services given to the public and also have volunteers. When it comes to such workers, there are a number of procedural engagements which should be put into consideration, and which shall be adopted towards defining the kind of engagement which the public service individuals shall be involved in.
A Claim Involving the Question
In real sense, any person who has been paid whenever engaged in any kind of public service, it shall be agreed that such an individual shall not be noted or agreed upon to be a volunteer. This person shall be agreed to be someone who is engaged in some employment, and whose roles have been defined by the kind of payment which he or she shall gain in the process with the kind of public service which defines him or her. Basically, as we shall note from this kind of understanding, a public service individual shall thus be known to be much of an employee rather than a volunteer. Volunteers would be willing to engage in community service and other practices which will not be defined by the amount of income obtained by the end of it all. This becomes the distinguishing point into which different individuals shall be referred to as workers or volunteers.
A General Definition of Some Key Concept
In the community today, there has been an increase in the number of the public service workers whose roles have been able to touch a number of ...
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