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Memorandum Subject: Business Etiquette In Brazil (Essay Sample)




Date: February 17, 2017
To: Mervin Abrahams, Senior Accountant
From: Monteiro Pereira, Administrator
Subject: Business Etiquette in Brazil
I have been informed that you will be visiting our business partners in Brazil. I am Brazilian and knowledgeable about the culture. I was advised to provide you with necessary information about Brazil's business etiquette. I have compiled below some vital information for you before departure:
Communication: Brazil is a high context culture. Communication is indirect style. Body language is an important part of communication. This affects business communication because attention is paid to people's gestures and facial expressions. Brazilians communicate more often with body language than words. Portuguese and English are often spoken but also Spanish is used as a mode of communication.
Clothing: Dressing is ver

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