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Business proposal Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


I want a problematic business proposal writing for any topic and idea must be genuine with full intro atleast 3-4 pages


Business Proposal
Frozen dessert, especially ice cream, is one of the most significant development sectors due to its broad market reach and popularity. However, due to its weight, calorie and sugar content, there is a rising need about balanced diets. As a consequence, there is a market for a better type of ice cream with preserved or even enhanced sensory properties. I have chosen to respond to this request by introducing a new form of ice cream focused on a mixture of vegetables and berries, thereby improving the nutritional quality. The economic analysis of the commodity, including market dynamics, related prices, demand elasticity and pricing and non-price strategies, is given below.
Market Structure
In order to determine effective strategies for the product launch, it is important to identify the form of business structure that the product would be engaging in. The result is a differentiated form of traditional ice cream, albeit an incomplete alternative. In essence, it is anticipated that the commodity will succeed on the market by value-added attributes. In addition, there is a comparatively significant amount of vendors who could quickly enter and leave the business on the basis of market conditions. On the basis of those features, it may be concluded that the form of market structure of the commodity is monopolistic rivalry (McConnell, et al., 2009)

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