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Care Quality of the US Healthcare System Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The instructions were to write 3 pages about the US Healthcare system in apa format. I wrote about the care quality of the us healthcare system. I wrote this paper 3 days ago.


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Care Quality of the US Health Care System
The US healthcare system is always trying to improve their quality of service. Quality in health services is defined as the alignment of the health solution to the medical process that was provided (Marjoua & Bozic, 2012). Criteria are set as standards on how care quality is measured and the government is making efforts in improving these domains (Burstin et. al., 2016). Healthcare services needs to be measured in different aspects in order for it to be scalable. Processes and procedures in diagnosis and treatment, the setting of requirements on who would qualify for healthcare, reasonable fees and the timely delivery of service are constantly monitored and evaluated. Determining what the population needs in terms of health services is the key to an effective healthcare system. How is the quality of the US healthcare system in terms of their service and what can be done to improve it?
The ability to measure the care quality of the healthcare system is essential in implementing proper standards and practices. As Burstin et. al. (2016) implies, any progress in medical knowledge, and any advancement in health technology must have a direct impact on the healthcare system and the general population. Health outcomes must provide long-term benefits to patients, not only on illness, but also in disease prevention and the overall health. Consultation, diagnosis and treatment should be made available to everyone. Clinical efficiency from hospitals, healthcare providers and facilities are of utmost importance. Data shows on Bustin et. al. (2016) that the current healthcare service in the US needs improvement. The service provided is not getting worse, it is just in a satisfactory level. But the citizens demand more than just an average care quality (Burstin et. al., 2016). There are many people in the US who are in need of such services and how the services are executed and how effective the results are would provide information for quality assessment. Patient feedback and evaluation from professional and government organizations are some of the factors that can measure care quality.

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