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Carrying Out Statistical Calculations (Essay Sample)


This task is all about carrying out statistical calculations. The calculations include calculating the confidential interval level, The maximum allowable error , Population standard deviation , the sample proportion, z-value at 95% significance level , The Null and Alternative hypotheses as well as Degrees of freedom.


Student Name:
Q. 1)
No. It would not be reasonable to develop a confidence interval because the available data points are not enough to develop a sure confidence level of the mean-3.6.
In addition, this study does not require a confidence interval on the subject even when calculated.
Q. 2)
The following steps are followed in solving the question:
The maximum allowable error (E) is; E = 0.10 (100 hours)
Population standard deviation (σ) is; σ = 0.90 (900 hours)

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