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Risk Assessment: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Essay Sample)


Assignment: Risk Assessment Hide Assignment Information Instructions Follow these steps to complete this assignment: Conduct a Risk Assessment on a specific target in your community, a school, hospital, business or government office (be sure to choose an actual specific target for this assignment). Next describe the natural, technical or man-made hazard which is most likely to threaten your target. For example, the Ambassador hotel in my town of Mayberry is most likely to face a natural hazard such as a tornado. Mayberry is a small midwestern town so terrorism and earthquakes are unlikely to occur. However, the threat from tornadoes are a real possibility. Conduct historical research of past hazards to establish a baseline for how much risk your community faces from this hazard. What is the frequency of this hazard? Is it predictable and or cyclical (tornado or hurricane season)? Describe what the impact of the hazard and the loss of your target would have on your community. Discuss how the risk to your target can be mitigated? Which agencies and or private entities may be involved in the risk analysis process and mitigation process. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the terms and concepts associated with Risk. For example, RISK (R) can be calculated as follows: R = f (C, V, T) C = the CONSEQUENCES of an attack on a particular target V = an assessment of the VULNERABILITY of the target T = the THREAT or likelihood that a specific target will suffer an attack or disaster Assignment Requirements: A cover or title page with your name on it. Labeled topical headings (e.g., Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, etc.). Length: The report must contain a body of text approximating 750 typed words (about 4 pages double-spaced, 12 point font). A reference page containing a minimum of three (3) course-external resources used and cited in the report. References cited at the end of the report must be cited in text to illustrate how they were used. Written in APA Style.


Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is located Tampa along the coast of Florida. Florida is one of the states in the U.S that has a long history with hurricanes. Due to the fact that it is near the tropics and that westerly winds coming from the African coast near the equator blow through Florida, the state is extremely vulnerable. As such, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa stands in the midst of a state that has numerous times experienced strong and devastating hurricanes in the past. For instance, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit Florida and caused an estimated damage of about $523 million. This casino is therefore highly vulnerable to another hurricane in future and thus mitigating strategies must be put in place before the next disaster strikes.
A natural hazard includes any element of the physical environment which is harmful to mankind and is occasioned by forces that are extraneous to them. In a more specific way, a natural hazard includes every hydrologic, atmospheric or geologic. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa is exposed to hurricanes. Since hurricanes are caused by forces extraneous to human beings, they fall under the category of natural hazards. More particularly, it is an atmospheric natural hazard because it falls under the same category as tornadoes, tropical storms, hailstorms and lightning. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa has previously experienced strong hurricanes that have hit Florida and its environs and has also incurred tremendous losses as a result of the same.
Since Florida and the east coast of America has been prone to hurricanes in the past, it is evident that the community living around Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa is subject to further devastating impacts of another hurricane in future. Historically, every time there is a hurricane in the east coast, thousands of buildings collapse and many people die or get displaced. For example, there have been more than 500 tropical or subtropical cyclones also known as hurricanes affecting the state of Florida and its adjacent lands in the past (Grineski et al, 2020). More hurricanes have been hitting the state than any other and only a few hurricane seasons have passed without there being a known storm affecting the state.
Besides, the state of Florida has lost as many as 10,000 people who have died as a result of the hurricanes that have been hitting the state for centuries. Most of the deaths have been recorded to have taken place before the launch of hurricanes flight in the year 1943 (Verma, 2020). These hurricane hunter flights have been part of the U.S government to mitigate the impacts of hurricanes by warning people to move out of the path of the storm in good time. In addition, there has been huge damage on property especially from hurricanes that occurred in 1992, 2017 and 2018. In 1992, Hurricanes Irma, Andrew and Michael hit the east coast of America causing a loss of more than $200 billion.
The official season for hurricanes in the Atlantic basis starts from the first day of June to the last day of November. Nonetheless, there are some tropical cyclone activities that take place slightly before or after these official dates. The peak of the hurricane season in the Atlantic is often experienced on 10th September with other activity taking place between mid-August and mid-October (Wingard et al, 2020). Moreover, it has been scientifically established that hurricanes tend to take place during each month during the designated hurricane season. The hurricane season is not to be confused with a typhoon as the difference arises from the location where the storm takes pace. For instance, if the storm takes place in the Atlantic Ocean or the northeastern parts of the Pacific, it is a hurricane. If it occurs in the northwestern parts of the Pacific, it is a typhoon.
Hurricanes that have been hitting Florida and its adjacent lands are predictable. Due to the invention of hurricane hunter flights and other related technologies, citizens are often informed to vacate their premises prior to the day the storm hits the land. In recent times, it has been established that hurricanes have a season and so people are always prepared for these seasons. Tropical disturbances such as hurricanes are named from a list that is already predetermined (Liu, 2019). This list is based on the intensity of the storm. Those that cause massive damage or many casualties have their names removed from the list in order to avoid confusion in case a subsequent storm is given the same name. Averagely, there is always a hurricane every season but the intensities of these hurricanes are different.
The impacts of hurricanes are diverse. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa being in the common path for most hurricanes would not be left behind when analyzing the impacts of hurricanes. Whenever a hurricane strikes Florida, it leaves a lot of damage on its path (Zivin et al, 2020). Due to the fact that it comes with strong winds and water due to the storm surge, businesses, homes and crops are often destroyed. Public infrastructure is also among social amenities that are often compromised by hurricanes. Furthermore, people suffer a lot of injuries and in other cases loss of lives is witnessed. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa is a business premise that depends on people and goods for its daily operations. As a result, when there is a disruption in the flow of people and goods, the business always makes loses and risks its survival.
Hurricane hazards mitigation can be mitigated in several ways. First, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa can avoid damage by responding to the warnings of the government. Secondly, there should be an emergency survival kit for members of the organi

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