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Case Study: Herb Banyon Gxx Corporation (Essay Sample)


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Writing Must include the following: It is advisable to do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to better understand the situation under scrutiny. This must be followed by categorising the problems uncovered into Behavioural, Structural, and Operational dimensions. Keep in mind that the world has entered the “collaboratist” Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0 economy) that demands organisations to undergo transformation and change in many respects. Please reference text book attached.


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1.1Critique the Case from an Industry 4.0 Characteristics Perspective
Introduction and Description of the Herb Banyon Gxx Corporation
The modern-day world has made multiple advancements in that keeping up with them needs one to be innovative and a good problems solver in all instances. On our daily activities we often meet new challenges that call for the need of a better understanding and problem solving. With this effect, the paper reflects on a case study based on the Herb Banyon Gxx corporation and aims at critiquing the case study as per what should have been done and gives the most suitable recommendations that can aid the corporation. The corporation initially made an announcement regarding an increment of the salaries by 7% to all its employees. The furious employees for instance, those at the Electronic Data Processing in particular the scientific programmers had concerns of their own regarding them being underpaid for the third year now.
Such an issue can be the downfall of the corporation. The need for their cry to be heard is based on the fact that the corporate is enjoys optimized profits based on the software they developed yet they pay scale does not meet the needed scale of an engineer. Based on their complains, even their working environment does not suffice them, for instance, an year early they had asked for a computer of their own as the engineering department, but, their needs weer not met. Most of the engineering team of employees that were present agreed to the decision that was made forward to the management as they lacked full control of the corporate data. But, the management team denied their request in fear of having them gain access as it would result to a competition thus the viability of a centralized unit was enhanced.
Following the case study, a lot needs to be handled based on their management skills especially based on transparency. As a result of the decision that was made by the management, in regard to keeping the electronic data processing unit intact with information and neglecting them a chance to exercise for their full potential, the department enhanced for a closed shop within the corporate. With this effect, multiple disputes were noted from within the department among the employees themselves even with the finance division.
Identification and Perception of the Main Problems within the corporate
Based on the case study, the management team needs skills to cope up with the needs of the employees. It is within the employees rights that their wages should be equitable as the rest of the employees from other competitive corporations. The need for salary increment is a great idea, but, at the same time the salary being increased should also match the pay scale of an individual. An engineer’s salary should be relatively high in comparison to other employees. Thus, the struggle that the corporation deals with is based on the internal environment. Having a better solution to the internal disputes within the corporate is key as it aids for maximum goal attainment from employees as they can exploit fully their abilities provided that environment they are provided is conducive and promising (Ing, et., al, 2019).
Following the meeting that was conducted, each of the functional and divisional managers had problems within their departments that they would like to be looked into. To begin with, is the cost accounting manager whose key problem can be identified as the scarcity or inadequate interpersonal skills among employees. The perception of the need that interpersonal skills among employees is inadequate from the cost accounting manager is based on the fact that the human resource team has never enhanced for training to its employees, and for that effect, the organization has been dependent on the traditional means rather than moving forward with skills from the advancing technology (Bajic, et., al, 2020). Other than this the cost accounting manager’s perception is that the management information system cannot just turn up within a week or two and aid people with all the training and skill-set that is needed for a maximum output to be achieved.
On the other hand, the training manager completely agrees with the cost accounting manager, then further highlights on the two crucial perceptions that are in play regarding the situation at hand. To begin with, is an incident from which whenever one is sent to accomplish a certain task that involves a complex transformation. The transformation may be varying in terms of its complexity, for example, it begins with ease, later on complexities arise then followed by some structure that is in the form of a pure matrix. Other than this is the second situation in which, the task just makes a direct transformation from being simple to complex. The training manager says that he has addressed the issue to the Grandy on multiple occasions but no effort has still been made. The excuse that is given by the Grandy is based on scarcity of time (Hughes, et., al, 2022).
The Grandy perception is based on the problem of them being understaffed by 35 percent. Despite the fact that they are being overloaded with multiple tasks. The Grandy was given 15 management information systems projects from which the time schedule for the projects did not call for enough time for which they would have time for training. The argument provided by the Grandy is based on the fact that, regardless of the projects given the employees were seen to be few thus the aspect of them being understaffed by a margin of 35 percent and the other aspect is that they have to meet the time given. Meeting the deadline for the projects given is crucial. Thus it had to be given a prior opportunity to the training that the staff was needed to undergo (Stentoft, et., al, 2021).
In addition to the schedules that were given, the engineering manager’s perception that the employees under the department of engineering cannot just fit in with the demands made as if they were pawns. Every action they take is accounted for, thus, an employee would not just walk in randomly and demand for some resources based o the fact that he or she is meeting a proposed deadline. That should not be the case. The corporate does not just work in the satisfaction of the management information system supremacy but rather as an organization from which the benefits have to be mutual. The more the resource need the more the engineering team should be involved in the planning activities that go on.
Lastly is from the manufacturing manager, who says that their were plans for the purchase of a hardware system that would in the plans on scheduling but the manufacturing team was not involved. The manufacturing team should be involved in such aspects as they will be the ones planning on how the purchased hardware will work based on a practical extension. Arguments provided are all based on the fact that all the activities that were done did not involve the fellow employees. Involving employees in some key decisions before taking action is crucial in that the purchase of such a hardware whenever some problems are likely to occur with the hardware. It is the management team that will be in for questioning.
Commitment of the Corporate towards the MIS Projects
As it has been noted, the meeting that was held by the functional managers raises various concerns that need to be addressed. Like, the need for training. Without training you cannot just expect an employ to accomplish a task as needed while he or she has undergone no training. This calls for the fact that the commitment of the corporate toward the projects that they were given can be said to have been gradual. They never expected for them. Provided the time schedule was limited, the employees too were understaffed, thus this was overworking the employees based on the project that they had no training on and the complains on their pay too that are not in scale with other employees from other competitive firms for instance, the engineering department.
Understanding of Project Management from Participants in the Meeting
The term project management can be defined as a process in which the involved leaders drive the team of employees towards the achievement of the goals of the projects provided the project constraints are given (Armenia,, et, al., 2018). When looking into the idea of the definition of project management, from the case study, one is likely to say that all the functional managers had little understanding of the definition. Based on their actions, they all served with little regard on the effective principles of project management. For instance teamwork has not been portrayed in the case study. Other than this, is the fact that, the goals of the project are not concise or clear and the risks have not been managed (San Cristób...

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