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Cause and Effect Essay (Essay Sample)

The task involved the cause and effect essay of traveling to a foreign country. source..
Cause and Effect Essay Name Institution Date The Effects of Travelling to a Foreign Country Introduction Life exposes many things that emerge from an individual’s action or experiences. A person gains or suffers depending on an earlier initiative, he or she performed. My cousin invited me over to his place for summer holidays in the neighboring country, Mexico. This was a dream for me since I had wished for such a day to happen in my life. I was excited to travel to Mexico because I had heard and read many things about that country. This experience introduced to me different opinions about living in foreign countries. The cause of travelling to Mexico enabled me to experience new perspectives in life about people’s lifestyle and behaviors. Although I enjoyed my stay in the country, I discovered a number of consequences of living in a foreign country such as cultural, behavioral and personality differences. One of the consequences is that living in foreign country reveals the difference in behavioral tendencies. While in Mexico, I discovered that people are friendly and always willing to help each other unlike in the US. The Mexicans respect foreigners and are happy to associate with them for good returns. My cousin told me that the hospitable nature had hidden meanings behind it. For instance, the residents assume that all Americans are rich people who have money to share with them. As a result, some socialize with the foreigners to get a chance of travelling with them back to their countries. Their behavior towards visitors is different from the way they treat the local people. This behavioral difference arises because of the rampant drug use in the country. It is apparent that Mexicans like sitting by the beaches where they conduct their daily businesses. Conversely, some of them just sit along the beaches to use drugs and steal from the foreigners. The friendly behavior is extended to tourists in order to extort money from them for the acquisition of drugs. They also like wearing beach clothes everywhere, including to offices and schools. Another effect of living in a foreign country is that I learnt cultural differences between nations. Culture is dynamic and varies in various aspects between countries, including people’s preferences and attitudes. An individual must learn to interact and associate with the local citizens. It was difficult accepting the Mexican culture in my daily life. This involved many new friends, learning other attitudes and accepting different opinions and values. As a result, I achieved true knowledge about the cultural inclinations of Mexico. Since most of them speak in native languages, I found it tricky to make new friends because of the language barrier. It is not easy to learn a new language in a couple of hours or days. Another cultural difference is the food served in Mexican hotels and restaurants. Fast food vendors are not common in the streets as it is in the US. The available hotels promote their local foods in order to attract many guests. This implies that a visitor must place advance orders for foreign menu to be prepared, which is a costly deal. I had to change my eating habits to try the local delicacies and sample their cooking styles. I also discovered that hotels in Mexico serve seafood, which is the favorite among the locals. Americans who like eating McDonalds foods do not enjoy their stay in this country. Living in a foreign country can also change one’s attitudes towards different things. The social and economic situations in Mexico can make an individual to change preferences. The personality differences arise when a person decides to adapt to the new changes. For instance, I learnt that the Mexican like collectivism. They work and live in groups in order to cost share. This encourages people to respect family setups and help the deprived family members through the provision of support. As a result, personality, habits of people are different depending on their situations. In America, individuals like to accomplish their missions individually, without the involvement of others. Children want to do things alone and have the freedom to act on their own. In Mexico, family members must be involved in all aspects of a person’s plans and aspirations. This is part of their culture and they encourage each other to work with others to accomplish their objectives. Travelling to Mexico also exposed me to things I did not expect, making it a worthwhile experience. I was happy to see the structural developments in the towns, working nature of the people and the creativity in arts. Mexico is a country that promotes beach tourism using indigenous cultures and customs. My main reason of visiting that country was to learn new things about a new country. I took the advantage of the summer holidays to explore the country and experience diversity of a neighboring. I discovere...
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