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War of 1812 (Essay Sample)


The task was about the effect of the 1812 war on literature. The sample is about the development of literature since the war of 1812


War of 1812
Period of the War
The War of 1812 was a military battle between the US and the Great Britain allies. The war took place in three different theatres, in the sea, land, the American South and Gulf Coast. It is apparent that Britain’s trade restrictions, the harassment of American trade sailors and disgrace over insults to national respect were the major causes of the war. The inception of the war between 1812 and 1813 was precipitated by an attack on Canada to conquer it as a colony of the US (Hickey, 2012). The British military experience enabled them to triumph over the untried American commanders. The actual origins of the War of 1812 were in the battle that stormed Europe after Napoleon Bonaparte. As a result, these Napoleonic Wars triggered Great Britain to implement measures that provoked the US. In 1806, Napoleon ordered a barricade of shipment aimed at destroying British trade. He also commanded that neutral and French ships would be detained if they docked at the British port (Hickey, 2012). The Great Britain also responded by issuing orders requiring all neutral ships to acquire a license before sailing to Europe. This caused tension between the two countries, leading to sea conquests. For instance, in 1807, the British soldiers boarded an American ship (Chesapeake) and seized the sailors (Tucker, et al, 2012). This action of impressing the American sailors caused further tension and disputes over maritime rights. In 1812, a key decisive moment in the Chesapeake operation occurred when US forces wreaked heavy casualties on the British. This forced the British to withdraw their hopes of seizing Baltimore (Tucker, et al, 2012). The war was fought on land, Gulf and sea theatres with the Americans announcing combat on the Great Britain and its allies. Consequently, the Americans could not match the experienced British soldiers who had superior resources and skills than they possessed.
Literature during the war Period
During that war period, businesses along the coast were affected and casualties reported in all countries. The high migration of people in various parts of the countries resulted in social interaction and exchange of literary ideas. The delivery of Puritan cultural models and the founding of schools in the colonies after the war promoted literature. This is because of the dominance of the English language spoken by the Americans, Britons and Canadians (Tucker, et al, 2012). The Revolutionary period was stimulated by propaganda in an attempt to destabilize the enemies. The military personnel dispatched letters through the sailors to reach the other opponents concerning new maritime orders (Hickey, 2012). As a result, with the War of 1812 and a growing aspiration to create uniquely American and British literature and philosophy, new literary personalities emerged. Literature was not advanced because of the limited exposure of the sailors who navigated through the waters. Conversely, the war saw the establishment of production houses that published books and other literary materials. The war of 1812 was an introduction to trade and social ties between America and Europe in which the governments resolved to have mutual partnership relationships (Hickey, 2012). The spread of literature and arts facilitated the realization of peaceful ties between 1813 and 1815 when the sailors used the sea without restrictions. This means that literature was instrumental in establishing the peaceful measures of collaborating for the sake of unity and independence of states. The historical update of events emerged due to the establishment of literature in that period. The scholars kept messages and information that caused friction between the warring parties (Tucker, et al, 2012).
How the War affected Literature
The resultant consequences of wars normally contribute to destructions and damages of assets. The war of 1812 led to the destruction of literature materials transported from Europe to America and vice versa. The soldiers damaged the vessels carrying the materials when searching for sailors to be impressed. The war affected literature for it led to the killing of scholars and other civilians (Hickey, 2012). This resulted in the slow pace of literatu...
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