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Features And Characteristics Of A Good And Effective Teacher (Essay Sample)


the paper highlights the traits of an efficient teacher

Characteristics of a Good Teacher Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Characteristics of a Good Teacher Teaching is one of the professions that have a notable and lifelong impact on an individual and the society. In addition to equipping pupils with the knowledge needed to acquire desirable grades, educators have a role in establishing a strong foundation for a student’s future endeavors in societal and professional settings (Beare, Caldwell, & Millikan, 2018). Good teachers use certain effective approaches to accomplish this responsibility. Upon reflecting on the instructors who I have interacted with at different stages of my formal education, I believe that Mrs. Victoria was a competent tutor. She was keen on assisting her students in dealing with internal and external challenges that could affect their performance. A good teacher upholds a student-centered learning approach, maintains cordial relations with the relevant stakeholders, and uses apt strategies to discipline his or her pupils. One of the practices that define a good teacher is the promotion of student-centered learning. On the one hand, the teacher-centered model requires educators and students to occupy an active and passive position respectively. In such a setting, the learners hardly articulate their needs and interests. Conversely, the student-centered structure encourages tutors to use bespoke interactions with pupils as one of the approaches of effective learning (Komarraju, 2013). Competent teachers understand that the latter system allows learners to acquire the skills and knowledge needed in their future professional and social endeavors. For example, Mrs. Victoria embraced the warm demander strategy. She constantly assured all her students that they were brilliant. Indeed, she took time to assist individuals within and outside the classroom. Her positive attitude gave me the morale to reach my potential. For this reason, proficient educators use personalized teaching to develop their pupils’ skills and strengthen the foundation of their future occupational interests. Additionally, good tutors put emphasis on discipline as a way of facilitating a learner’s holistic progress. Schools are one of the establishments in a society that aid in promoting specific principles and suppressing delinquent behaviors. The values instilled in the classroom impact a person’s interactions in social and professional environments. As indicated by Bearne & Reedy (2018), discipline is one of the requirements for success in life. Accordingly, competent teachers strive to utilize appropriate strategies to encourage desirable manners among their students. In retrospect, Mrs. Victoria’s techniques were effective. As opposed to relying on corporal punishment, this tutor used communication to deal with the issues triggering unpleasant actions in a learner. Evidently, good instructors assist pupils in understanding that discipline is an integral component of a fruitful lifestyle. Moreover, great tutors strive to establish cordial relations with parents and other relevant stakeholders with the primary intent of maintaining a conducive learning environment. The wellbeing of a student requires the input of different participants. Good teachers interact with these individuals to identify the challenges, interests, and strengths of a pupil and to conseque...
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