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Leadership Development Plan: Emotional Intelligence And Trust (Essay Sample)


leadership development plans

Name Instructor Course Date Leadership Development Plan The leadership competencies that needs refinement include emotional intelligence and trust. The development program needs to take into consideration a number of factors including the identification of current competencies and those that need to be improved to enhance the overall leadership abilities. After the identification of the weakest competencies, which are emotional and trust issues, it is imperative for an individual to set the goals for the development plan. Setting the goals presents a person with the right direction of enhancing the leadership skills of an individual. The ideal approach for a development plan is adopting the SMART goals method of improving leadership competencies. In this regard, the development plan should be specific in addressing the questions of who should be involved, what should be done, and where the training would take place. The specific aspect of the development plan should also answer the questions why it is necessary to undertake the leadership development training and which competencies should be focused . Additionally, the development training should be measurable, which means that it is imperative for the person to establish concrete criteria for measuring the progress of the training. In the context of emotional intelligence and trust competencies, the development should address the approaches that should be used in developing the aptitudes and subsequently identify how the progress should be assessed. For instance, being placed in a real life situation can be effective in addressing the specific and measurable aspects of the development plan. The development plan should also be attainable and realistic according to the SMART approach guidelines. Enhancing leadership competencies needs the ideal planning to achieve the goal of improving the skills. Additionally, the leader should set realistic goals that can be achieved easily to avoid discouragement during the progress. In this regard, to enhance the emotional intelligence competence of leadership, the leader must be aware of what can be achieved and what is impossible to accomplish. The individual should also be aware of his or her capabilities to avoid setting higher goals that are hard to accomplish. Nevertheless, the development plan should also put into consideration the objectives of the development plan and ensure that even though some goals are hard to achieve, motivational and support mechanisms are provided for the trainee to enhance their achievement. The development plan should also be timely and all goals should be bound to a given time frame. In this regard, since the development plan needs to augment the emotional intelligence and trust competenci...
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