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The Environment Of Ten19 Gym And The Actions Needed To Overcome Them (Essay Sample)


External Environment Analysis of Ten19 Gym and the actions needed to overcome them.

External Environment Analysis of Ten19 Gym and the actions needed to overcome them Name Institution External Environment Analysis of Ten19 Gym and the actions needed to overcome them Political Factors The aspect in this case as reiterated by Gupta, (2013) pays attention to the activities of the government and the impact it has on the business and even their respective remote or the macro type of environment. In the Ten19 Gym, the below external political components are essential in the e-commercial industrial development; * The political form of the instability of developing nations * Government form of support for e-commerce * The increment in the efforts from the government on issues of cyber-security Economic Factors Ten19 Gym’s performance depends on the instances of the economies whereby it conducts its activities. The impact created by the economic significance plus the changes associated with the macro or remote elements of the environment, according to Gupta, (2013), may be critical towards the environmental analytical evaluation of Ten19 Gym. Hence, below external economic factors are crucial; * An economical form of stability of markets nearly developed * The increment in the income, disposable in the countries that are developing * A possible economic form of recession Gupta, (2013) concurs that the stability economically of the environment of operation tends to increase the chances of the Ten19 Gym’s success in such markets. Conditions such as of this case cause minimization in economic matters in the macro or the remote type of environment, thus leading to the minimization risks towards the expansion of the business. Social Factors The social aspects are the determinants of the Ten19 Gym in its activities. In this regard, Gupta, (2013) in this section gives a distinction of the socio-cultural changes or the sequences that impact on the whole scale status of the business. Thus, Ten19 Gym needs to take into consideration the accompanying social-cultural external components; * The increment of the rich variety (danger) * The increase of the consumerism in the creation of the nations (opportunity) * The increment in the internet buying propensities (opportunity) Mechanical Factors Mechanical development has a direct impact on Ten19 Gym because...
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