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China Candid by Sang Ye Edited by Geremie Barm (Essay Sample)


The paper is a book review of China Candid by Sang


China Candid by Sang Ye Edited by Geremie Barm
Name of Student
China Candid by Sang Ye Edited by Geremie Barm
China Candid is a book that was written by Sang Ye and edited by Geremie Barm. In this book, the Chinese journalist Sang Ye looks at the experiences and thoughts of some people of Chinese origin. The thoughts were written in the Chinese language and would later be translated by Geremie Barme. This discussion seeks to delve into this discussion looking at some of the arguments that have been advanced by the author. The strength of these arguments will also be considered as well as the evidence provided.
Style Used
The style employed by the author is one of conversation and interviews. The people who were interviewed ranged from business people, artists, rural residents and athletes. The people in this collection have expressed their views and thoughts regarding a number of issues. The skills of Sang Ye have come out well as he has described the personalities of people in this collection. What the author focuses on most is the personal experiences of all the respondents as is told from their point of view (Sany, 2006). Their stories are told not so as to represent a group of people in society but instead it is from an individual’s point of view.
Analysis of the Stories
Sang Ye is very honest when he expresses his personal opinions regarding some of the issues and experiences that have been narrated to him. For example, the experiences of the children who are stolen and kidnapped seem to be very scary and traumatizing for the author. The author is honest when he says that he was not, until the narration of the story, understand and appreciate the magnitude of the issue.
Sang argues that most of the people he interviewed are remarkable. The reason for this is that these people have gone through various experiences which are considered difficult and yet they have emerged victorious and still have remained strong to tell their stories. The author also reckons the fact that the people who were interviewed are a proper representation of the real situation in the ground (Sany, 2006). Sang therefore concludes that all the stories that have been told by his respondents are a true depiction of the experiences that people in Republic of China go through.
The author also recognizes the fact that the people who go through these experiences are not celebrities or famous people in the society (Sany, 2006). Rather, it is ordinary people, leading ordinary lives and struggling to make ends meet every single day. It is also crucial to note that the interviewer in this case who is the author of the book has by and large attempted to remove himself from the interview. This he has done by quoting the interviewees verbatim. The direct inclusion of the interviewees has helped bring out an element of reality as the reader almost feels that they are connecting directly with the people involved.
The stories contained in this book have also gone a long way in generating emotions. When reading, at times the reader feels saddened by the turn of events. Some stories on the other hand have served to inspire the reader a great deal (Sany, 2006).Looking at the perspective from which the story is written; one can also tell that the author had an agenda. The agenda was to have people seeing China from a different angle. There is the angle that had been given to the world by historians. The author in this case wanted the world to see yet another side that was untold, silent and almost a secret. The story of China that has long been known by the entire world is that of a socialist society. However, Sang...
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