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Chinese culture (Essay Sample)


a broad overview the Chinese cultures


Chinese culture
Chinese culture
The Chinese culture is among the world’s oldest cultures. With China being the most populous country in the world, traditions and customs vary significantly between cities, towns and provinces. Among the most critical components of the Chinese culture include music, visual arts, cuisine, martial arts, music, and literature among so many other things CITATION YuD \l 2057 (Yu, Zhong, & Xiaoling).Classical Chinese was the ancient written Chinese language. Though for thousands of years, the language got considerable use, it was reserved for intellectuals and scholars who formed the upper noble class of the society (shi da fu). Calligraphy got later commercialized. Millions of citizens were still illiterate even after the 20th century. It was only after the May 4th Movement that the push for written vernacular Chinese language started. It was only at this point that the common citizens got a chance to read as the language model was that of the phonology and linguistics of what was the standard spoken language. Most of the traditional Chinese health beliefs adopt a holistic view, emphasizing highly of the importance of environmental factors in increasing the risk of diseases. The environmental factors influence the balance of the body’s contrary but complementary forces, yin and yang. Imbalance in these two forces leads to illness. Traditional remedial practices have to be used to restore the balance of these forces CITATION She02 \l 2057 (McNamara, 2002).Illness can be perceived as a state of disharmony between the natural, social environment and the individual. It is the moral duty of the family members to take care of their sick member, curative and caring processes are relevant to health maintenance. In the traditional Chinese culture, medication can be seen as aversive act. Mostly, if the symptoms are not obvious, medication may never be taken. Minor side effects of many antibiotics have contributed to the reckless non adherence to medication. Over-the-counter purchase of antibiotics is a common practice in the communities. Parents think that their children suffer from the same illnesses due to occurrence of similar symptoms. This makes them give their children shared antibiotics and only take them to the doctor if there is no improvement.Apart from the above traditional beliefs, there are those who blame their ill situations or even misfortunes on supernatural forces or acts of witches and sorcerers. These types of groups will always seek medication from their religion and such practices. It is certain that all cultures have health beliefs that all try to explain the causes of illness, how it can be treated and who primarily the process involves. The way patients perceive and relate patien...
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