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Christopher Columbus Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Can you forward the thesis statement befire completion?
You will write a paper or lesson plan of approximately twenty-five hundred words in length that considers the assigned reading (below). Your analyses should be critical in nature, rather than a ‘rehash’ of the readings and the final drafts of these papers are due on the designated ‘final exam’ date set forth below. The topic can be anything on Columbus except first contact.
This book needs to be referenced and is a good resource on Columbus:
G. Symcox and B. Sullivan (eds.), Christopher Columbus and the Enterprise of the Indies.


Christopher Columbus, Discovery of the New World, and Rise of International Trade
Christopher Columbus is remembered for many contributions but the most important was the discovery of the Americas and the beginning of the international trade. Known as the Columbus Exchange, international trade led to increased trade activities in the Americas. The Americas were able to sell raw materials such as sugar, tobacco, cotton, among others to Europe and in return, received finished products. The discovery of the new world, including the Caribbean, South America, and Africa was by chance. Initially, Christopher Columbus wanted to find a sea route to the Asian continent, but instead, his voyage led to surprise discoveries of various islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The discovery of the new lands was also important for Spain. The country needed new colonies and raw materials to compete effectively with Portugal, which was a major rival. Economic power was vital for Spain, explaining the scramble for the new worlds and the accelerated economic activities. Despite the positive contributions in trade, Christopher Columbus voyages and discoveries, also had adverse effects particularly on the natives. The spread of diseases in the new world, the brutal murder of the aboriginals, intermarriages, assimilation, among other factors, had major negative impacts on the natives. Slavery was another negative contribution that led to great suffering to slaves, especially from Africa. The following essay will focus on Christopher Columbus contribution to international trade with the main focus being Geoffrey Symcox and Blair Sullivan's book Christopher Columbus and the Enterprise of the Indies.

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