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The Color Purple Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


The task involved ANALYZING the first third of the book "The Color Purple." the sample provides a detailed analysis of the book while focusing on the literary elements used by the author to capture and sustain the attention of the intended audience.


The Color Purple
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The Color Purple
The Color Purple is a book based on letters written by a fourteen-year-old girl, Celie, which she addresses to God and Nettie; she uses the letters to vent out her daily life frustrations and experiences. As the plot advances, the author paints a picture of Celie’s transition in religion, literacy, and self-confidence. Hence, elements such as the narrator’s point of view, the theme of God, education, the symbolism of the color purple, and tone have each played a critical role in delivering the intended message to the audience.
Narrator’s Point Of View
The plot is developed in letters written to God in the first person. The main character, Celie, is an uneducated, black lady who speaks to God in a series of letters to inform him of the happenings in her life and those around her. The first third of the narrative is written entirely in Celie’s perspective, where she documents abuses meted on her by her father, and later husband. Using the first person, the author paints a vivid picture of a black, uneducated, and victimized woman who, despite her challenges, still believes that life has something to offer. Such an approach creates a lasting connection with the audience who relates deeply to Celie’s predicaments.

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