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Complexities of the Human Condition in Hamlet Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


the task involved identifying the complexities of the human condition while drawing examples from shakespeare's play hamlet. this sample explores 'hamlet' with a focus on HIGHLIGHTING the COMPLEXITIES of the human mind.


Complexities of the Human Condition in Hamlet
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Complexities of the Human Condition in Hamlet
Human nature is characterized by complexities that involve both positive and negative aspects of the human mind. Ranging from greed, revenge, and corruption, to justice, kindness, and fairness, human nature is capable of processing complex emotions in varied measures to respond to internal and external stimuli. In an expected display of literary prowess, Shakespeare employs a mixture of tragic tone, figurative language, and characterization to provide a profound and detailed analysis of the complex human nature in Hamlet.
Shakespeare characterizes Hamlet as a man at the crossroads, facing a dilemma between listening to his id or his superego; however, his conscience helps him to resolve the conflict between good and evil. In the play, Hamlet notices the rot that is taking root in his kingdom and acknowledges his moral duty to correct the ills (Bradley, 2019). He, however, chooses to step back and concede to his weakness when he says “but break my heart, for I must hold my tongue” (Shakespeare, 2020). Hamlet’s existential struggle is however triggered after the encounter with the ghost; he begins to struggle with morality and the nature of humanity (Owens, 2020). Hence, through characterization, Shakespeare builds a fictional human who displays the complexities of the human mind.

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