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Mobility Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The sample was about upward social mobility and how it has affected people's LIVES.


Upward Social Mobility.
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Oishi, S., & Buttrick, N. R. (2018). The Socioecological Psychology of Upward Social Mobility. American Psychologist. Advance online publication.
Summary of the article.
Upward social mobility.
There is a wide range of upwards social mobility differences. According to the recent research insisted that getting ahead to some cities was easier while others were harder. ‘Walkability’ of the city has been identified as how easier it things to get done without any usage of a car. The relationship between upward mobility and walkability by the use of American tax data is linked to both psychological and economic factors. Getting ahead to some parts of the United States is easier than other states, according to Chetty et al. (2017). There are five factors which account for regional variation amount in upward mobility, including community participation measures, voter turnout, percentage of people that returned their forms of the census and lastly voter turnout.
Walkability is associated with upward mobility since it associated with increased access to jobs. It is also associated with improved physical health; thus, people who live in walkable cities are healthier. These healthy people can overwork, thus improving their economic status. Furthermore, walking enhances good academic performances, Hillman et al. (2009). the next pathway that is more psychological is that people who are unable to reach the city totality might not feel a sense of belonging that the whole city is theirs. Therefore if an individual lucks sense of belonging to the city might make them feel like they do not fit in and might end up not applying for jobs.

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