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Empire in Civil War II Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Civil War II


Civil War II
Empire in Civil War II
Civil war II successfully shattered America into various ethically-based nations and this was as a result of objective examination of the demographic, historic, economic, political and military developments which relentless propelled America into second civil war. This war made America to explode into tribal warfare which shattered it into various ethnically-based nations (Blackmon, 2009). America separated the aspect of multi-ethnic democracy as well became shattered. Following the second civil war food production declined making millions to starve and many others died from various infectious diseases. The main cause of the second civil war was the nature of the America and its people. Essentially, there were only two types the geopolitical entities- empire and nations and the two were considered to be contrasting each other in the country (Dawes, 2009).
Empires are usually large and sometimes global in their scope, and are majorly geographically fragmented. On the other hand, nations are generally smaller and are geographically continuous (Blackmon, 2009). Empire includes people from different language, religions, cultures, nationalities and cultures. In the empire the minority group normally dominates the other groups by the virtue of naked military power. Although nations are dominated by the majority group in the population, they are more stable than the empires. It is therefore impossible for the multi-ethnic empires to attain a true internal stability. Empires survive on unending police and military suppression of their natural inhabitants, and they are bound to break up the moment the dominating group in the population losses its military power as well as its will.
In order for us to understa...
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