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Company Problems and Conflicts (Essay Sample)


The Wheel Book entries for the week assignment focuses on conflict management. I was instructed to search the internet to find two articles discussing workplace conflicts and how to resolve them
After reading them, I was required to create one entry for each article. The entry was to:
(a) Identify the name and source of the article (a citation is enough);
(b) Summarize the main points of the article; and
(c) Make a note as to whether you think the article provided good advice - and why or why not.


Week 5 Wheel Book
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Week 5 Wheel Book
Article I
The article outlines that all companies experience conflicts, and ignoring them can result in detrimental effects to a business entity. Austin (2018) views that employees possess a unique set of values, attitudes, and visions that contributes to workplace conflicts. The major causes of disputes include heavy workloads, inadequate resources, stress, bad team pairing, compensation issues, and lack of clarity and accountability.
The author outlines that organizations should apply conflict management strategies such as setting ground rules that allow parties to agree to respect and listen to each other’s views. The conflicts can also be addressed by utilizing brainstorming solutions. The human resource department and the parties experiencing ideological differences are expected to discuss possible solutions to the conflict. The methods foster amicable understanding and resolution of the challenges experienced. The article further argues that human resources should step in immediately the conflict begins to prevent it from becoming personal or pushing other parties to resign. I find the article relevant in its advice because it covered causes of conflict, resolution techniques, and the role of human resources in conflict resolution.
Article II
The article outlines that workplace conflicts happen anywhere, and ignoring drains an organization. Lytle (2019) argues that understanding the causes of workplace conflicts is essential since it facilitates professional tackling of the problem. It further views that assumptions cause many fights in an organization. Employees misinterpret each other's intentions, and such a case happens mainly in a workplace with workers having different personalities. For most workers, anything that disagrees with their personalities results in confrontations in the workplace. For instance, disarrangement in seating position can lead to conflicts because some workers may not ascribe to others' actual intentions due to self-centeredness.
The article highlights that co

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