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Conflict and Pride in Culture and Language: Addressing Diversity (Essay Sample)


In this chapter (chapter 8) you will read about four major issues that emerged from the case studies and snapshots in the chapter.
A redefinition of success and achievement
Pride and conflict in culture and language
The key role of activities outside of academics in sustaining students’ enthusiasm and motivation for school.
The intertwined roles of family, community and school in providing environments for success
Make sure you have also read the historical information about apartheid in the very back of “Born a Crime”.Pick one of the four major issues listed above, and describe how that issue applied to Trevor Noah’s experience in school. First, copy down which major issue you will discuss. (3 points)Next, explain why you think this was the most significant factor in Trevor Noah’s autobiography.(7 points)
200-500 words


BME 210 Discussion 8.
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BME 210 Discussion 8.
According to the young men's thoughts concerning education, they have thought that it is different from what is taught in schools. They put more emphasis on work hard to be educated. Therefore, there is a lot that they still need to know as far as education is concerned. Many young people think that the school should be left or made for the cleverest students or the intelligent students. If their suggestion is cross-checked, the conclusion is that this part needs to be redefined to them so that many of

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