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The Main Argument In "Consider The Lobster" By David Foster Wallace? (Essay Sample)


Poem review.


Consider the Lobster:
What is the main argument in "Consider the Lobster" by David Foster Wallace?
The argument in consider the Lobster is in defense of animal rights particularly the lobster. The author, David Foster Wallace is perturbed at the fact that people mistreat through boiling it alive without taking into account the fact that it being an animal it has feelings and sensations of pain. This paper seeks to discuss the main argument of the author as expressed in the writing.
Wallace's article explores quite deeply the excruciating pain felt by lobsters when boiled alive. The author uses both the experiential and scientific evidence to indicate the inhumane nature that these creatures are exposed to. Wallace is against the mistreatment of animals, not just lobsters. Despite the fact that lobsters are merely food or meat to people, Wallace is of the view that they ought to be treated with some decency during the preparation process (Wallace, 2005).
Lobsters like human being have parts of the brain that are interconnected pain receptors. Therefore, lobsters can and do feel pain. They possess both the nocioceptors, as well as invertebrate versions of the prostaglandins and major neurotransmitters found in the human brain. Lobsters may not have good eyesight or hearing capabilities, but they are endowed with exquisite tactile sense due to the presence of hundreds of thousands of tiny hairs that protrude through their carapace, therefore, despite the solid, impenetrable armor, the lobster can receive stimuli and other impressions from without as r...
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