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An Exists Of A Close Correlation Between Literature And Religion (Essay Sample)


Literature And Religion


Literature And Religion
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Literature And Religion
A close correlation exists between Literature and Religion. Both disciplines mold people's culture which is simply their way of life. The gripping blend of Literature and Religion is extraordinary in that in incorporates all the interests of the society in a comprehensible manner. It encompasses both criticism of the evils of the society and praise for works of dignity. Through various means of influence, both Literature and Religion lead to the betterment of the community. There are several ways in which both Literature and Religion are relevant in any given society at any time in history.
Literature and Religion are both capable of being manipulated to suit a fast-paced culture. From the European Renaissance up to today, both disciplines have not ceased to mold cultures. Religion, which is a people's faith is as old as humanity. The scriptures address social evils that are inherent in the society. They recur from generation to generation. For instance, corruption has been the order of the day since time immemorial. Similarly, Literature strives to address problems that have been ingrained in the society from the past. It effectuates this through its various genres. Patently, Literature and Religion are changeable with cultures, especially in a world undergoing waves of change through new discoveries (“Religion and Literature”, n.d.).
Literature and Religion are timeless means of dictating convention since they employ stylistic features and devices to put the needs and desires of people across. Such stylistic features of both disciplines portray the aesthetic aspects of the society. Through the beautification of language, they grab the attention of the community to the issues affecting them. All cultures have achieved the use of language for aesthetic pleasure. It amounts to the fact that, since Religion and Literature employ the beauty of language, then they are the ultimate jump-start to an educated society. They are capable of addressing different peoples in different times (“Religion and Literature”, n.d.).
Apparently, Literature and Religion are classic means of education and emancipation of the trivialized in the society. All that they stand for channels to the advancement of life. They promote human dignity and foster liberation of the oppressed. They are the ultimate guide to a virtuous life and better world.

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