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Criminal Justice. The justice system (Essay Sample)

3 sources Does the criminal justice system discriminate based on race? source..

The justice system is supposed to dispense its services to the citizens in a fair manner. The system should not allow the judgment of an individual on a basis, other than proof of or no proof of guilt. This paper explains the relationship between the criminal justice system and race. It explores whether and how case judgments are influenced by people's race.
For each step of the justice system, racial data is used. Police stops, drug use, arrests, legal representation, jury selection, parole, sentencing and prison, are among the procedure in which racial information is used.
Statistics prove a lot about this take. African Americans comprise only 13 % of the US population and 14 percent of monthly drug users. However they make 37 percent of people arrested for drug offenses (King, R. S., & Mauer, M., 2005). The number of people of Latino descent and blacks stopped and frisked was statistically un-proportional in comparison to whites which increases the probability of more people of color being prosecuted and sentenced. In New York, blacks are 33 pe...
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