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Critical Comparison Essay Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Critically compare articles on effects of technology to college students.


Critical Comparison Essay
Critical Comparison Essay
Digital Natives are believed to be a generation that has grown up exposed to the Internet and are technologically literate. Research has been done to find out the impact this exposure has on the traditional education system. Bennet et al., 2008 argue that there is no extensive research that has been carried out in the field of digital natives. It also states that although many commentators have contributed to the study on the net generation, very little material has been uncovered. Bennet et al., 2008 also say that the digital natives' literature is similar to an academic "moral panic" that has hindered a rational or critical debate. The debate over digital natives is based on two major claims that the article seeks to disapprove. The first claim is that a distinct generation of digital natives exists. Two, the education system has to make some fundamental changes to meet this rising generation's needs. It is necessary to acknowledge that there is a generation that has been exposed to technology more than any other previous generation, and there have to be adjustments in the education system to cope with this truth.
The “Digital Natives' ' debate: A critical review of the evidence article reviews that these claims are based on weak theoretical and empirical findings. The first claim is based on the assumption that the young people of the net generation possess unequivocal knowledge and information technology skills. Additionally, it also relies on the upbringing, experiences, and experiences of the digital natives, which sets them apart from the earlier generations of students (Bennet et al., 2008). However, recent findings suggest that very few students use emerging technologies. Additionally, not all students have access to digital devices due to differences in social-economic status, gender, ethnic background, etc. It was based on a survey that was conducted in learning institutions. Furthermore, internet use by teenagers is highly uneven, especially in homes with no domestic affluence. These findings disapprove of the claim that internet use among digital natives is universal.

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