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Analysis Of The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes; Status Quo Essay (Essay Sample)


Analyzing the status quo portrayed in the adventures of sherlock holmes


The works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous book, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, have always received numerous commentaries. The highly varied commentary is about the social stature during the Victorian Era. Sir Doyle's successful use of vivid description of physical appearance, dialect, and clothing paints a very clear picture of how big a margin exists between different social classes. The accomplished writer describes how the rich, despite having all they can get, also enjoy the fruits of not being crime suspects. The star character, Holmes is fond of saying how the status of the clients he serves is less if not an important concern to him. However, the intrigue and magnitude of the problems they bring forth to him make this statement questionable. During his work, Sherlock expressed some magnitude of prejudice based on the client’s social status.
           Class inequality was the norm during the Victorian era. There has been a staggering amount of debate on whether Doyle was depicting Holmes as agreeing with the existing status quo, and up to date, the debate has never been settled. This hot seat misunderstanding was prolonged due to the tension that existed between the poor, the working class, and the upper class. Sir Doyle's commentary portrayed women as inferior beings who were incapable of making wise decisions. His narration was based on the idea that the female gender was guided by emotions rather than logic, a gender that would not exist without depending on a dominant man. In his book, Doyle spends a considerable amount of time extensively describing the criminal class. Sir Arthur establishes an opinion throughout the text, that this particular class is dominated by the poor or working class. 

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