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Critical elements of population health management Essay (Essay Sample)


define the concept of health population management program


Critical Elements of Population Health Management
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Critical Elements of Population Management
Population health management is typically improved care to a group of people who comprises patient engagement and coordinated health care models. Population health management is an important entity because it focuses on medical care advancement and research development on health products and facilities. Furthermore, it also engages in providing advanced medical treatment to a particular group of people. Population health management is a program that advocates for low-cost and high-quality service delivery and better outcomes for patients (, (2019).
Patient Identification
Patient identification is an important entity in population health management because it identifies and matches patients according to the health problems. Patient identification physical assessment and technologies that can facilitate effective medical care. Additionally, there are unique attributes in most patients, for example, ubiquitous and nature. Under this component, physicians use technology that optimizes patient identification. The technological advances are critical in providing accurate information on patients and meeting high demands on patient data to health research and development in the health industry (Frank, 2017). Consequently, lack of accurate patient identification hurts patient outcomes and treatments since it leads to poor decision making. Moreover, when a patient is matched with wrong information, their safety is in jeopardy. Wrong information implicates hospital databases hence poor service delivery and patient outcomes. There are types of patient identification, for example, algorithm approaches such as HER, UPIs (Unique Patient Identification), and biometric systems. These approaches and practices play an integral role in providing accurate patient matches.

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