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Cybercrime Brief (Essay Sample)


this order required the student to provide an example about how a brief can be written. i decided to write a brief about a cyber crime. therefore, the order is a summary about a cyber crime and shows the structure of a brief in case someone is interacting with a computerized crime. i summarized how to write a brief


Cybercrime Brief
One of the common cyber crimes occurs when an individual masquerades as another person through identity theft. A defendant can be found guilty of utilizing computer functions to share, store, use or obtain another person’s confidential information by pretending to be them. Often, these identity frauds target financial gain.
Financial identity theft is when cyber attackers illegally use another person’s identification for financial gain. They achieve this by accessing personal data through phishing, hacking, data breaches, malware, tapping phone conversations, or social engineering (Jibril et al., 2020). Afterward, the criminals use gained information to access online financial services like opening new accounts, making purchases, applying for loans, stealing money, or managing taxes and insurance. The fact is an unwanted third player can illegally manipulate data through computer systems to get financial gain using another person’s identity.
Student Position
Financial identity theft is a significant scam to internet users and should be punished severely when criminals are caught. Cyberattackers manipulate victims’ confidential data without the affected individuals noticing (Jibril et al., 2020). These activities are wrong because the offended party will have to compensate for the expenses they did not cause while the stranger enjoys illegally obtained finances. Therefore, financial identity theft should be highlighted as a primary cybercrime and the offenders punished.

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