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How Peoples Conduct Affected Their Health Standards (Essay Sample)


the order asked about how peoples conduct affected their health standards. the writing task was to highlight a particular behavior and how it has been used in the public health industry to formulate policies and enhance communication with the public. the discussed behavior was sexual misconduct especially among youths.


How Peoples Conduct Affected Their Health Standards
An individual’s lifestyle reflects on their health conditions. People with poor behaviors like drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating, and recklessness record the highest numbers of compromised health conditions like hypertension, cancer, obesity, and asthma. As a result, a new public health change was established after collecting behavioral health information stating that sex protection products should be freely placed in convenient areas where unplanned intercourse might occur.
Youths are the most energetic and productive population, and their efforts are directed to coital activities. These groups engage in unprotected sex leading to avoidable health issues like sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies (Tiwari et al., 2020). Their destructive sex-related behaviors compromise their medical conditions, adversely affecting a nation’s productivity. Therefore, the State made a public health change of availing protective items like condoms at convenient locations where these spontaneous unprotected sex can occur, like secondary schools, hospitals, toilets, hotels or any public facility.

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