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The Current Ukraine-Russia War is the Hot Topics in Europe (Essay Sample)


the paper wanted a writing about europe and a current event. the events were to be gotten from written articles and the student wanted to exp[lain the OCCURRENCES and the main events highlighted during the writing. the current UKRAINE-russia war is among the hot topics in europe and i chose a writing about it


The Current Ukraine-Russia War is the Hot Topics in Europe

Solidarity in international relationships means togetherness at all times. However, recently, Germany has compromised its commitment to collaboration with European countries and Ukraine. German allies have consolidated leadership and reassurance to provide military equipment and assistance to Ukraine (Erianger). But, Germany has been slow and reluctant to match these efforts hence being criticized as an untrustworthy country, upsetting its allies. This fact is the major takeaway from the events because refusing to donate modern tanks, isolating from Russia-Ukraine fights, and disagreeing over energy or arms purchases have created tension affecting international businesses with countries that want to push harder against Russia.
Germany is the third largest contributor of help to Ukraine and distancing itself from current events makes it condemned at international conferences all over Europe. International allies of Germany criticize it for promising more aid to Ukraine and not staying faithful to its promises (Erianger). The message it sends is that it cannot be trusted, and these assumptions create social, political, and economic shocks that cripple international businesses with Germany.

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