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The Importance of Referencing (Essay Sample)


It was an order asking about referencing in writing, the student wanted to know why references should be used in writing and language, especially in research papers. It was a one page paper to be posted in a discussion forum for further replies. There was a sample of a research document attached and the importance of referencing was to target the information on the attached paper.


The Importance of Referencing
Including reference lists from previous research is essential for showing the credibility of presented information. Referencing provides links that allow readers to trace the source of recorded data, confirming its authenticity and validity (Huisman et al., 2019). Also, reference lists show the accuracy of presented content, indicating the reliability of the topic discussions. Lastly, documenting previous researchers provides supportive evidence of personal opinions and arguments, showing that a writer has an adequate understanding of their topic. The additional evidence is essential to avoid plagiarism after using borrowed ideas.

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