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Database Administrators (Essay Sample)

This paper explains the functions of database administrators. source..
Database Administrators Silas Kilui Test Essay 10 December 2009 Abstract The swift and extensive use of information technology, particularly the use of computers, has instigated the need for highly trained and qualified personnel with extreme proficiency in a variety of jobs. Computer specialists include data communication and network systems analysts, computer scientists, computer engineers, computer support specialists and database administrators. This paper is aimed at proper explication of the exact functions of database administrators. At the onset, it gives a brief description of the functions of database administrators. It then describes their work environment, education and training and finally their remuneration and the challenges which they face. Introduction The existing frequent changes in technology are often followed by a simultaneous change in work functions and occupational titles of employees. This may result in the creation of new areas of specialization as well as the employees’ practices and predilections. For instance, the work of database administrators is to build and manage computer databases. They do this by searching for proper ways of organizing and storing data, and methods of retrieving this data for use through software application. They try to identify user needs so that they can build new databases. In most cases, database administrators assimilate the data of an old system into a new one. Nevertheless, they also have the responsibility of maintaining the safety of computer databases (Haeder 22). Since sensitive data keeps on increasing everyday, the work of database administrators also keeps on changing as they seek to find better ways of storing and securing this data. Work environment Database administrators usually work in comfortable surroundings such as laboratories or offices. In most cases, they work for an average of forty hours a week just like employees in other professions (Zupek 43). However, they are sometimes forced to work in the evenings or during weekends so as to solve unexpected problems or to meet impending deadlines. Education and Training Even though the field of data processing and computer services may be entered by high school graduates, the position of database administrator, and others such as systems analyst and computer engineer usually call for an individual to have at least a college degree. Other supplementary qualifications include having a master’s degree in information systems or an advanced technical degree (Zupek 53). Remuneration In May 2006, the average yearly income for a database administrator was $64,000. The highest paid database administrators received over $103,000 annually, while the lowest earners received less than $37,000 annually. A majority of them received a salary that ranged between $48,000 and $8400 (Enelow 12-15). Challenges Just like all other workers who spend most of their time on computer screens and typing on keyboards, database administrators are exposed to risks such as back discomfort, eyestrain, ha...
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