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Decision Making Procedure for Infrastructures Projects (Essay Sample)


The task was to write 1 or 2 page essay,APA citation, about Decision Making Procedure for Infrastructures Projects


Decision Making Procedure for Infrastructures Projects
Most infrastructures are similar in characteristic when it comes to management aspects and shortcomings. Human activities are a significant hindrance due to unstructured problem nature which contributes highly in management conflict. Contested information in nearly all decision-making processes on bigger infrastructure projects, which sometimes lead to delay on cancellation of projects. Contested information can be classified into two groups, which is ambiguity and uncertainty. The later denotes to the lack of adequate knowledge about the effects future or coming projects and their characteristics. The ambiguity of information means that different actor has different perspectives on characteristic and effect of infrastructure.
Keyword: Decision Making, Infrastructures Planning, Contested Information.
Physical infrastructure has been for years identified as a major factor that contribute to the economic growth in many countries. Modern construction growth projects consume a bigger amount of efficient coordination and construction capital in the growing complexity. This explains why project management facilitation should be handled carefully.
Every infrastructure decision affects the public which rely on the infrastructure system, to carry out their daily activities. Business relies on the same infrastructure system, to move around there materials and products around the globe. The consumer, which is the public, has a stake in the infrastructure project since they are the tax payers and expect infrastructure to be efficient and safe. Therefore, the call for the public, to be part of the assessment team, when it comes to infrastructure projects.
The main public role is to provide the basis and justification and set attainable objective for the public outreach process, goal and tools th...
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