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Domestic Terrorism in America (Essay Sample)


Domestic Terrorism in America


Domestic Terrorism in America
Domestic Terrorist Groups
The Crisps
This group was formed in 1970 in Los Angeles. Originally the gang group was formed to offer protection to its neighbor from outside threats. Since its introduction Crisps has increased in the number to more than 25000 members in the US. The group operates without any agenda and definite belief system; they only act on impulse with no regard to anyone else. They commonly use murder actions as a way to scare both rivals and the general public. The group is also known of widespread use of PCP and Cocaine. According to the FBI the group has grown wild a support domestic terrorism (Kydd & Walter, 2006).
Sovereign Citizens
This is a domestic terrorist group formed of a set of beliefs that promotes anarchism and violence to the people within its environment. The members of the group believe that despite the fact that they are sovereign citizens of the United States, their sovereignty from the government was detached. With this mind set they believe that they are not supposed to pay taxes as well as they do not acknowledge the rule of law in the country. The group plays a role of threatening politicians and other leaders such as Judges, whom they think that they threaten their ways of life. One of the ways they deploy is to kill those on their way.
Army of God
This group is similar to the Phineas Priesthood group. This terrorist organization sends out religious texts to people with an aim of harming them. They use acts of violence to combat homosexuality and abortion in the US. One of their members is called as Rudolph who planted a bomb at the Olympics games in Atlanta in 1996.
Types of terrorist attack in the United States
In august 5th 2012 at Wisconsin temple there was a shooting that left six people killed and another 3 seriously injured. A police offer who was attending to the victims at the temple was also included in the injured. An individual known as Michael page aged 40 years took his life after being shot by the police and the scene. The shooting at the temple is considered as an act of terrorism in the US soil (Martin, 2012). Though the motive of the terrorist action has not yet been identified Michael Page has been an active member of terrorist white supremacy groups.
In April 15th 2013, during the undertaking of Boston Marathon an act of terrorism was undertaken when a bombing took place. Two bombs detonated at once leading to the death of 3 people and more than 180 others were injured. This resulted in the rescheduling of the marathon to a later date. According to United States terrorism reports is consider...
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