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Comparable Factors for a Reputable Course (Essay Sample)


Comparable Factors for a Reputable Course


Comparable Factors for a Reputable Course
James Odhiambo
3 October 2013
1 Introduction
* Reasons For Career Preference
* Trends
2 Factors Determining Choice Of Courses
3 Conclusion
Comparable Factors for a Reputable Course
Essentially, there are a number of factors considered before concluding to the choice of a course by a student. It is notable that, most students make decisions due to parental wishes, university costs or even location of friends. However, it is imperative for real examination of the detailed structures and systems of the universities courses, the economic environment, personal ambitions, curriculum systems, institutional size, and academic pressure. When a student has been showing consistent interest in a given field of study, it is normally realized that he/she is likely to take it up in advanced stages since the college content is just an advanced development of the preceding syllabus. This supports the fact that academic interest and the depth of attitude remains the common denominator among the learners in different colleges across the world (Muratori 46-8). These factors depend on the universal perception
There have been cases where students take some time in their life in order to discover their potential. In such cases, the students would prefer a specific course that would measure up to the career choice. In this s...
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