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Group dynamics (Essay Sample)


its about various group dynamic that exist.


Group dynamics
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Group dynamics
According to Donelson Forsyth (2006), a group has various dynamics, which defines their interactions that define the team’s strengths and weaknesses. The qualities of individual members of the group, affects the qualities of the group. The psychological orientation of these members is very important in defining the intrinsic characteristic of that group.
In our group of five, there is one member who belongs to the psychological orientation class of ISTJ. According to The 16 Personality Types - Which Is Your Type? (2014), this psychological group makes up the leaders. There is thus no likelihood that there will be no power struggles within this group as there is only one natural leader. There will be a definite head who will provide the group with desired leadership giving the group a sense of direction and purpose. Following his nature, this member will dedicate himself to the success of the group and thus giving the group motivation to soldier on. There are two members in the group ESFJ who are supporters/followers (The 16 Personality Types - Which Is Your Type?, 2014). The two will support the decision made by the leader. The last two members are INFJ who are confidants and creative (The 16 Personality Types - Which Is Your Type?, 2014). They will thus support the leader and provide new ideas. The greatest strength of this team is thus the ability to generate ideas, be focused and pursue them to the bitter end.
There is, however a likelihood that there will be a difficult working relationship as, the ISTJ leader and the two creative mem...
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