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Rhetorical situation regarding Apple, Inc (Essay Sample)


the paper contains a Rhetorical situation regarding Apple, Inc


Rhetorical situation regarding Apple, Inc
Rhetorical situation regarding Apple, Inc
Although ranked as one of the most profitable companies in the world, Apple inc. has continued to have its own share of weaknesses as well as challenges. In most cases, the corporate management is most times described as very controlling and proprietary. It is in particular reluctant to open the operating system to outsiders in order to develop its hardware in such a way that will make Apple products compatible with theirs (Wozniak & Smith, 2009, p. 29). This has kept design control inside and up to standards which has in particular hurt the wide adaptation of its hardware components, which are mostly computers making its market share to increase at a diminishing rate.
Further, the CEO of Apple has widely been described as very demanding, a control individual. He is very secretive, and any personal blow on his part may highly affect the company. The corporation is also not shareholder- friendly as it has abused option granting in the past, and is reluctant to pay a dividend despite the growing cash level, as it has no debt equity (Hoffman & Ford, 2010, p. 45). Apple also faces threats that are challenging its success in the market where its products are perceived to be very expensive, a phenomenon that has remained a problem as it has moved its products out of the common market. Other smart phones for instance are less expensive and hence affordable as compared to Apple Corporation’s products. Moreover, the lucrative and smart ideas that it comes up with are easy to copy. For example, other phone manufacturers for example Samsung have incorporated its innovative idea of the touch screen interface. Applications are also developed for other devices and smart phones (aLüsted, 2012, p. 112).
In addition, technological devices have developed as an integral part of day-to-day life of most people in the recent years. Along with this growth, customers are demanding very high rating technological features, which have increased competition in the market for the most up to date devices (Linzmayer & Linzmayer, 2004, p. 17). Apple has a variety of products, which include iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple television software, and many others but focusing on one of its products, the iPhone, it has not been easy for Apple to succeed in all its inventions and introduction of new products. Although the company is very successful, it constantly faces continuous competition, ridicule and sarcasm from its competitors. Samsung for Instance is an example of a company that offers stiff competitive especially for mobile products such as smart phones.
The release of iPhone 5 for instance has greatly faced many challenges. These constraints have come about due to the operations of the competing firm Samsung, which had previously released the galaxy SIII. The device qualities have been challenged as well as it perceives superior features. Apples iPhone 5’s reliability has been challenged and publicly undermined. This has in particular been achieved through magnification of the competitor’s galaxy SIII superior features and tools, which refutes the common place among most Americans that Apple’s products are of quality. The ideology of Americans of pursuing a trendy and contemporary lifestyle invokes the audience’s desire to possess the most updated mobile phones. Rhetorical situation has strengthened the effectiveness of Apple Inc contrary to the assertion of many critics. One intellectual property concern for Apple has been to keep its proprietary information a secret to keep off other companies from stealing its ideas.
Apple inc management is concerned with its sterling reputation which could be easily damaged if it fails to address risks and challenges appropriately .Thus, it has taken steps to become a stronger and a greener company .Following its challenge of environmental issues ,the company has put effort to re...
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