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Television Viewing and Televisions in Bedrooms: Perceptions (Essay Sample)


the paper is about the different perceptions parents hold about their children having televisions in their bedrooms.


Television Viewing and Televisions in Bedrooms: Perceptions
Television Viewing and Televisions in Bedrooms: Perceptions
Parents have control over their young children. Parents should regulate what their children do. At the tender ages, children are unlikely to differentiate what is good or bad for them. Children love watching television. It should be the duty of parents to note how this is likely to impact on their children lives and impose restriction where necessary or give directions on the best and suitable television shows for their children. It would be difficult for parent per se to prevent their children from watching television at all.Television reduction interventions are meant to reduce the number off hours young children spend on television and most importantly the content they watch. Parents have even gone to greater heights and availed televisions in their children’s bedrooms. This in absolute terms means that some parents are less concerned on the number of hours their children watch television. Different people just like parents, look and see things from in different perceptions. There are those parents who would feel that their children should spend no time watching television while other see these as a vital thing for their children: important and unavoidable. To achieve the objectives of television reduction interventions, it is vital, therefore, to understand the perceptions of parents towards this CITATION Hai12 \l 1033 (Haines, Ashley , Julia , Goldm, & Et al, 2012).Some parents feel that having television in a child’s bedroom engages him or her for the better part of idle time. Time which according to these parents, would have been spent in less useful activities. This statement may be taken to mean that such parents lack alternative activities for their children. Most parents are ignorant of any issues that children may develop from watching television. Research attributes many factors affecting the number of hours children watch television. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under two years should not watch television while those above the age of two should have limited time watching television, as low as two hours. The recommendation is yet to be taken seriously. How does television affect my child? This is a very common question among many parents yet the answer has remained to be subjective due to limited scientific prove of any likely side effects CITATION Jef12 \l 1033 (Arnett, 2012).Blacks and Hispanic children have been associated with watching television for longer hours compared to whites. Children who own television in their bedrooms are more likely to spend more time seated watching television. Having television in bedrooms is associated with extreme cases of obesity, as well as reduced learning and attention difficulties CITATION Hai12 \l 1033 (Haines, Ashley , Julia , Goldm, & Et al, 2012).Res...
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