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Dynamics in learning (Essay Sample)


the esssay required one to write the benefits of studying overseas in a three page paper, times new roman, font 12.The paper was supposed to be in apa format with the thesis statement clear and underlined.Information to be included on the cover page was provided.The refences were supposed to be three from scholarly sources.


Dynamics in learning
Students Name
Dynamics in learning
Imagine the great experience of studying in a completely different environment with students from different countries with different cultural identities. Most students from high school dream and wish to study overseas for their undergraduate studies for various reasons. Studying overseas gives someone many different opportunities that they will not acquire in their own country. Studying in Cayman Island offers limited course choices to choose from, and to get them, you have to travel overseas to be exposed to many career opportunities. I disagree with the idea of staying at home in your own country to study there since studying overseas has more career choices to study, offers an opportunity to broaden your knowledge on new cultures and enables a person to learn in a different physical environment.
Studying overseas gives a person an opportunity to have wider career courses to learn that might not be available in their own country. This assists in opening the door to new academic opportunities that may lead you to more diverse career paths (Nyoka, 2017). Different universities overseas have programs that allow a person to study more than one course at ago. An example of this includes studying bachelor of science in biochemistry as your major while pursuing your interest in mathematics as a different course (Valtonen, 2017). Different courses are best offered overseas, therefore, you only need to understand the type of course you want to study and check the university that offers it best to avoid being limited to what is available in your own country. While others may argue that the limited courses in learning institutions at Cayman allow for more specialization in courses that translates to a high quality of education, the limited courses do not allow the learner to pursue their course of interest because it is not available.
Getting an opportunity to study abroad offers a great chance to meet people from different countries as many people travel overseas for educational purposes. The best way to learn and understand the culture of people from a different country is to immerse yourself in it and interact with the people in that country (Nyoka, 2017). Interaction with these people expands your knowledge about new cultures of people from different countries and your own (Waibel et al., 2018). They get exposed to intercultural growth, which helps them accept their own beliefs and cultural values, motivating them to look at the world more enlightened way. Interaction with people also sharpens your interpersonal skills and understanding of different personalities (Valtonen, 2017). Studying abroad allows you to be more comfortable with people from different cultures and learn to value their experiences and where they come from (Nyoka, 2017). Studying away from home also helps you understand how people were brought up, which widens someone's mind and horizon. Students may indeed encounter challenges while changing to new backgrounds and meeting people from different countries and cultural backgrounds, but it is beneficial because they acquire the ability to interact with people from different cultures. Therefore, they will experience less culture shock as they interact with people whose cultural backgrounds differ from their own.
Traveling overseas to study not only allows you to benefit educationally but also allows you to see and travel to new places in the world that you would not have experienced in your own country. You get to learn new things in the process, and it also gives more room for adventure (Valtonen, 2017). The time away from your studies, during holi

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