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Effect of E books on Buyers (Essay Sample)

Write about effect of e books on buyers source..
How eBooks can affect the Way People Purchase and Read Fiction and Non-fiction Name Institutional Affiliation How eBooks can affect the Way People Purchase and Read Fiction and Non-fiction An eBook is a digital form of a book whose content is accessible through specific software or devices. Readers of fiction novels and non-fiction books use tablets, personal computers, and some types of mobile phones to access text or images contained an eBook. The digital rights management (DRM) makes it possible for authors and publishers to earn from books sales online. DRM is an access control technology that enables owners of digital control to limit access by end users in order to facilitate access only after one has paid for the book (sCoopers, 2011). EBooks have facilitated online sampling of books before readers can finally choose the best book to buy while also allowing them to have several soft copies on a single device. EBook can digitize the book-buying and reading experience entirely through direct online purchases, allowing readers to maintain an online contact with favorite authors, and making virtual annotations while reading the book. The way people purchase fiction and non-fiction books has changed as a result of contemporaneous innovations in online communication and digital record keeping technologies. The innovations have introduced new market variables that affects the way readers access their favorite fiction or non-fiction books. The internet facilitates a prospective buyer to visit a bookstore website and sample out the books they intend to buy. A book reading device such as a tablet or a personal computer must accept file formats such as PDF or ePUB in order to have it installed after completing an online buying process (Maceviciute, Kuzminiene, & Konrad, 2014). Readers have an opportunity to send samples of their favorite book choices to the bookstore administrator at once. An example of an eBook reading device is Amazon’s Kindle that allows readers to access, choose, and buy books from the company’s online bookstore via wireless communication. The reading experience of eBooks is revolutionized. Unlike print books, which did not have a prompt way to establish and maintain contact with a favorite author, eBook readers meet their peers virtually on booklogs (Pawley, 2016). Booklogs are online pages aided by Google where readers can comment about the contents of a book. The interactive aspect of reading eBooks transforms from being the individual experience it used to be to a kind of group sport. An eBook reader can also make a virtual annotation through their device. It is similar to the scribbles that people make on the sides of a page in print books. Digital annotation, however, allows other readers to get a quick of sample of it, which has the potential to motivate them to make an order of the book. The eBook reading culture and the online presence enabled by Google booklogs creates an online pool of readers from diverse parts of the world. EBooks can open new markets through new ways of purchasing books and enhanced reader experience. A counterargument to this view, however, is that eBooks have robbed the book industry of control over the price and content of fiction and nonfiction. Moreover, they are only appealing to readers with a high degree of comfort with digital technology. The odds espoused by the counterargument are, nonetheless, based on fear rather than the reality about digital innovations. Publishers can still control the price and control by investing in innovations that facilitate only a single online access an eBook for a reader who has paid for it. Additionally, the challenge of autono...
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