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English, Literature and Philology Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


in Citizen 13660 Miné Okubo documents a critical moment in U.S. history, the
forcible evacuation and detainment of people of Japanese descent – nearly twothirds of them American citizens – as a result of Executive Order 9066.
Write a paper where you discuss the following:
1. The ways Okubo contests “official” history. Your response must consider
both the material conditions that Okubo documents – the wartime camps and
the treatment of Japanese-Americans.
2. The narrative strategies she employs in her graphic memoir. For example, in
what ways does she each appeal to readers’ emotion? How do the text and
images she provide work together?


Mine Okubo’s Citizen 13660 is a graphic novel that well documents her time at the relocation centers during the Japanese evacuation and relocation. Written in ink, gouache, and charcoal, the two thousand graphics are a presentation of Mine Okubo’s time in Tanforan in California and Topaz in Utah. The group of drawings were initially meant to tell the story of camp life to her friends who sent her letters and packages.
Currently though, the book is being used to teach on courses reflecting on artists in war, female artists, and ethnic artists. After her release, Okubo moved to New York and this is where she managed to publish the boo

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