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First Mountaineering Experience (Essay Sample)


Write an autobiographical narrative about a special or memorable experience.


First Mountaineering Experience
Perhaps, since I am a young student, someone might say that I clearly have my entire future ahead of me, with lots of beautiful issues to accomplish. But, despite my age, I already have one personal experience, which I am sure, I will remember till the day I will go to my grave. I am talking about my very first day to climb the mountains.
Though I don’t consider travelling to be a big deal today, and lots of my friends rolled over several places even abroad. Before my trip to the mountains I used to be a homebody. I had many people to hang out with, and I felt completely comfortable about spending most of my time in my hometown. The situation changed when one day Solomon, my closest pal tumbled into my mother’s house and proclaimed his desire to have me join him in the mountaineering experience. I will not describe how easily he managed to persuade me to accompany him to the Rocky Mountains; all I will say is that we managed to depart in 3 days.
It was my very first time to the mountains, so I was curious to see all the features. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t conducive on that day since there was fog all over the place and the higher we managed to climb the mountains, the harder it became for us to see our surroundings clearly. Despite this challenge, I still found reasons to enjoy my experience- I felt exactly like one Bear Grylls, whose show used to sooth me on the television. In the first day, we managed to walk along the foothills with our food and water in the backpacks. During the second day, we started to climb on the tall peaks. I was excited despite the peaks being quite high and steep. I regularly hastened thus making me run out of energy before reaching the top; Solomon, on the other hand, was quite reasonable and determined.
We kept on climbing the mountains, and when we reached the top, the fog was still covering our environment, and even though both of us were still of positive emotions. My disappointment at this juncture was that despite my effort to the peak, I could not capture the view from the above using my camera due to the fr...
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