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Genocide Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)




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Genocide is denoted to as mass killing of people in a given country or society with an aim of eliminating given ethnic group of people in a country or society. Genocide has been witnessed across the globe which has resulted to the loss of lives for millions of people. Atrocities and genocides have inflicted fear and death to most people of which is mostly caused by divisive discrimination, racism, ethnic crashes among others. A number of countries across the globe have once experienced genocide such as Rwanda and Cambodia. In this case am going to base my argument on the importance of remembering and memorizing genocide and how some issues such as cultural violence, sexual and gender violence contributed to the genocide.
There are several reasons as to why one should remember and commemorate the genocides are that it helps a group of people or the state to change their behaviors that may trigger the occurrence of another genocide that may lead to loss of the lives and destruction of property. The behaviors that may trigger the occurrence of the genocides typically include sidelining some cultural groups, inequity distribution of resources and some communities feeling that they are superiors than others (Ivin et al. 2020) Others people are discriminated against due to their gender and sex violence and propaganda spread by the local leaders. The memorials are good since they aim to remember all the victims who underwent the holocaust and also to educate the public them on the dangers and consequences of Semitism, political and propaganda, racism and all forms of discrimination may it be gender or sexual discrimination. The commemoration also helps in contextualizing any kind of peace interruption case that causes hatred and genocides in Rwanda.

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