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CAFFEINE Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


effects of caffeine


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Caffein as Cognitive Enhancer
The cognitive process can be conscious or unconscious, natural or artificial. The process involves the processing of information, changing preferences, and applying knowledge. Caffein use has been associated with both positive and negative effects on the body. On the positive side, it is argued that caffeine enhances cognition. On the other hand, caffeine is believed to be hazardous to users. As a cognitive enhancer, caffeine can be used for memory retention, executive function, perception, language, and other psychomotor functions. Caffeine enhances these cognitive processes through both acute or chronic dosage. In this regard, the scope of this paper aims at expound
Caffein is used to help people remain alert and awake. Having several cups of concentrated coffee improves vigilance, concentration, and reaction time. It can also help sustain an individual's attention during a demanding task that requires cognitive enhancement. In individuals suffering from fatigue, the evidence is clear caffeine can be used to maintain their performance (Furber, 2018). For instance, people working in professions where fatigue is dominant, caffein can be used as the easiest means of maintaining these individuals' cognitive and physical capabilities to castigate cases of accidents and failures at work. Therefore, taking specific amounts of caffeine can serve as an enhancer for cognitive processes.

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