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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: "Mending The Wall" Written By Frost (Essay Sample)


the task was to read the poem given and provide an explanation concerning the topic of the poem and the content.
the sample shows how detailed the WORK DELIVERED was and followed the instructions.


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“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.”
"Mending the Wall" a poem written by Frost, brings out a comparative view based on the events of Frost and his neighbor going out every spring season to repair a wall made of stones that separate their property. Frost does not support the presence of the wall. The wall according to Frost is hostile, needless and somehow offensive as well as out fashioned to have.
Frost's neighbor, who seems to be conventional, supports the presence of the stone wall. He opines that "Good fences make good neighbors". This is a traditional saying where people take a high regard on maintaining boundaries in the neighborhood to avoid conflicts over properties by showing clearly what the neighbor owns and therefore take full charge of that property. For instance, if there is a tree in between the neighbors' houses, in the absence of a fence, who is supposed to rake leaves when they fall? Without a wall, the neighbors may argue about this issue of raking the leaves. If there is a disagreement, the neighbors may decide to leave the leaves to pile but when there is a fence, it will distinguish clearly the tree belongs to one of the neighbors who will be responsible for maintaining the tree and raking the fall leaves thereby solving possible problem.
Frost disagrees with the neighbor's explanation on the presence of the wall. He gives many reasons in the poem for not supporting the wall that separates their properties but the main one is that his property and the neighbor's property do not need a wall in between them because Frost has an apple tree while the neighbor has pine trees. Frost says, "My apple tree will never cross and eat all the cones under his pines." In this case, the neighbors have different distinct properties where the issue of raking the leaves does not arise and therefore there is no need to maintain the wall.
Frost continues to say that trees do not need a fence since they do not steal or hinder someone from doing his activities like someone's dog when it is not chained or when ther

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