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What Makes A Good Writer? Punctuation, Vocabulary and No Mistakes (Essay Sample)


What Makes a good writer

What Makes a Good Writer It's apparent that every literate person can read and write, but the million-dollar question is: What makes a good writer? First and foremost, for one to be considered a good writer, they should be proficient in the language in which they are writing. Whether the language is their native language or second language, the writer's work should stand out. Their work should: have no grammatical mistakes, be properly punctuated, and include vocabularies. Secondly, good writers are familiar with academic citation and documentation styles such as the American Psychological Association (APA) format, and the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. They should also cite work from most recent sources, and not old sources. Additionally, for one to be accredited the title of "good writer", they should put their best foot forward to avoid plagiarism. Thirdly, good writers should be able to research far and wide pertaining to a given topic. They should have all the facts and data about the topic, so as to avoid a situation where their content will mislead the reader instead of educating the reader. They should also be able to express their ideas clearly. Last but not least, good writers should be able to write fast. They should be able to write, at least, 50 words per minute. Good writers are supposed to complete their assignment in good time, and hand it i...
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