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Greatest Human Discovery (Essay Sample)


Involved description of what I believed the greatest human discovery is.


The Greatest Scientific Discovery by Mankind: Fire
Stephen M. Kalekye
For decades, fire has played various life-changing roles. Despite this, may still don’t clearly understand what fire is. Ideally, this confusion has been brought about by the use of the term "fire" in other fields such as military. In the context of this report, the term has been defined from a Chemical perspective where it is a chemical combustion process of materials through rapid oxidation releasing heat and light among other products. The visible part of fire is called a flame. Fire starts when a flammable material is exposed to its ambient temperature in the presence of an oxidizer. Today, fire can be considered the greatest scientific discovery because of its modern day uses.
Key words: fire, combustion, oxidizer, flammable
The Greatest Scientific Discovery by Mankind: Fire
Throughout the history of modern day scientific discoveries, the most significant is fire. This is so because of its transformative nature and the impact it has had on humanity. Its significance today has been defined by the numerous uses fire has ranging from its use in cooking, heating, burning among other.
Historical discovery of fire
The history of fire dates to about 1.9 million years ago. This was evidenced by the presence of cooked...
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